Everything You Need to Manage Equity

Cap Table Management

Manage your cap table, issue digital certificates and maintain your registrar. Track and report important underlying data such as audit trails and investor preferences.

Stock Options & Vesting

Customize and grant stock options, RSUs, RSAs, SARs and other units. Create track time and milestone-based vesting schedules. Provide employees an easy to use platform for self-service.

Portfolio Management

Eliminate the overhead of individual tracking and reporting. Automate stakeholder management and let users track their own shares and options.

Data Room Management

Keep sensitive documents organized and secure for administrators, board members, employees and investors with file management and permission controls. Organize your due diligence documents with user access and tracking.

Board Management

Organize and automate your board and investors with tools that power the cycle of board interactions: meeting set-up, document management, meeting notes and resolution creation and tracking.

Scenario Modelling

With Scenario Manager, run easy to use investment scenarios and test investor term sheets to see stakeholder dilution impact. Run additional sensitivity, breakpoint and payout analysis.



Finally a relevant set of management tools to manage your equity and stakeholders. Build cap tables, manage stock option plans and run board meetings and investor
models -- digitally and cost-efficiently.


Sophisticated investors need a efficient, convenient platform to view their investments from a single vantage point and to run reports, models, return analysis all in one place.

Advisors & CoSecs

Go beyond contracts, filings and spreadsheets with Sprout as your digital companion. Assist your clients with more tools to manage and track their equity and stock options. Take your services up a notch and help your clients build a digital source of truth.


Reduce management overhead and increase employee retention. Grant and exercise stock options, track vesting and record transactions. Sprout empowers companies with easy-to-use personal employee accounts to track their holdings and option vesting.

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